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Enterprise PDM vs Teamcenter Express

Question asked by Billy Oliver on Aug 25, 2010
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We R looking at Enterprise PDM and Teamcenter Express to manage data.


With Enterprise PDM, what U get is PDM only.  I know there has been talk of maybe a full blown PLM for SolidWorks from the Catia side.


And I have been told of compatability issues with Teamcenter etc., the Teamcenter folks say that past issues loosing relations are resolved.



The nice thing about Teamcenter is future expandability company wide with its modular applications.  We are looking at that as in house systems become obsolete for data management across the company we are thinking that in the future we could upgrade to full blown Teamcenter and add modules as needed.


We currently have 13 different departments storing data is some shape or form, that's why we R leaning to Teamcenter Express route.


SolidWorks var suggested that we should use Enterprise PDM to control SolidWorks data.  And if we need Teamcenter for company wide PLM, to let Enterprise PDM feed the PLM product.


I found some older links discussing this topic.


I would like to know if anyone is currently trying to evaluate what is the best route to go.  Both from a Solidworks user and admin position.  We just have upgraded to 2010, and that process brought up a question that I must ask the Teamcenter guys.  "" Can we do an automated update inside of Teamcenter "".  Because the scheduler has a task to convert to new rev inside the PDM.


Also we R using Altium Designer for PCB development.


And we have tons of legacy data from cad and pcb systems from the past.  We have tons of nc toolpath data.  Plus tons of reports and R & D data file sets in various software formats.


All comments welcome... Thanks


Billy Oliver