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Electrode design (with 2D orbit in mind)

Question asked by Casey Hankenhoff on Aug 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by George Macy

Anyone have any idea about adding and X & Y offset for 2D orbit  needs?  Offsetting a tool size gives you a 3D offset to the cavity model  shape.  I am looking a a simple way to complete a .010 ~ .020 per side  offset in both the X&Y directions when cutting the electrode.  We do  this because the following benifits: to gain speed while burning, also  allows us to dial the size in near the end of the burn, and requires  little to no after edm polish because of the nice surface finish we get.


We  are currently constructing all of the offsets by generating offset  features (sweeps, cuts, lofted cuts, fillets).  This is very time  consuming.


I have used solidworks for over 9 years now and I can get most of these done, but the time is a killer.


Let me know if anyone has any great ideas.


Thank you & I look forward to getting any answers or tips.