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Looking for good 7-axis CAM package

Question asked by Troy Bungard on Aug 24, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2010 by Matt Wallace

This may be the wrong group, but we make fiberglass composite parts.  We use a MotoMan HP20 Robot arm (6-axis) with a rotary work table (7th axis) ... equipped with a FLow Waterjet for precise trimming of our parts.


I'm looking for a CAM package that - doesn't necessarily have to be parametric to Solidworks....but has to handle 5 and 7 axis movements.


We will also be doing 5-axis routing for pattern generation for making of our molds.


I have currently looked into MasterCAM - and there is a company that provides a plug-in for MC to handle the arm manipulations and collision avoidance, however both packages combined will run about $30K.


Any other options out there that are 7-axis capable and less expensive?


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