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    How to Balloon a sub-assembly?

    Shawn Casebolt

      I have an assembly that consists of parts and a couple sub-assy's.   I created  a drawing and inserted the BOM (indented).  Everything looks great, however I am unable to add a balloon that has the item number of the sub assy.  If I add balloons it only uses the indented number, ex. the sub assy is item 7, containing parts, 7.1, 7.2 etc..  The balloons will always read the 7.1 and so on.  Is there a way to ballon the sub assy as a whole?  Thanks.

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          Scott McFadden


          Just curious...if you have all of the individual parts ballooned, why do you need the sub assembly

          ballooned as well?

          My thinking is why not just create a Top Level Only BOM?


          Try switching the BOM to a top level only BOM automate your balloons which will show your

          sub-assembly, then once that is in place switch the BOM back to indented.

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              Shawn Casebolt

              Trying to stay ahead of my boss.  You raise a valid point, and truly it may not be necessary.  I am just preparing for when I go over the drawing with him, the questions I think he will ask.  We are using it in a non-traditional sense.


              The sub assembly is a rectangular board with a secondary cut on it.

              So I have a part file that is the board, say 24x12.  I assign it a part number.

              I create a sub assembly, and insert the board.  At the assembly level, I then add the cut feature.  It gets assigned a part number.


              So when I go to my main assembly, I can insert the part file (if its just rectangular).  I can also insert the sub assembly (if it has notches).


              So basically a 24x12 board has a part number (A009616-108).  A 24x12 board with cutouts are a different Part number (A009616-801).  This way my BOM and the shop knows, if they need a P/N A009616-801, it is created from a P/N A009616-108.


              So basically when you are looking at the main assy, you are seeing the cut board.  So I would like the ballon to be the item number of the cut board, which is the assy number.  It is non traditional, in that it is a one part sub assy.   The only reason it is a sub assy, is to add the secondary operation and assign a new part number.

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              Wayne Tiffany

              Tie your balloon arrow to the origin of the sub-assy.  See if that does what you want.