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Forming Tool Issues!

Question asked by Carmelo Treviso on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2010 by Carmelo Treviso

Hello everyone. I was wondering if this is a bug or not. Made a forming tool for a hole with a minimum radius of .100. Material thickness is .06. First I was apply my form tool and all was going well. I was doing the last of the two holes when I got an error for overlapping and could find no way to force to do it.


I then decided to redo the forming tool with a tighter radius and used .085 to get around the overlap issue. As i attempted to apply the new size I got an error telling me that


"Error Form Tool 17   The part's thickness may not be compatible with this form tool. The thickness must be less than the minimum radius of curvature for the form tool."


As noted above, my material thickness is .06.


Any clues?