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problems with electrical routing

Question asked by perry leets on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by Peter De Vlieger

I am trying to create some wiring harnesses for avionics applications and so far its a nightmare. I dont know if this routing package is even worth the trouble.

The simplistic tutorial is not much help and only highlights the lack of concern for its customers on solidworks part. There seems to be no good tutorials or other documentation available from solidworks or other vendors. This issue is much less a problem with, say, Autodesk Inventor. Solidworks should make this information available to all its paying customers, not just the ones who pay additional ransom.


At any rate, my first problem is getting multiple connectors into a harness assembly and mating them to their respective components. These custom connectors do not have mate references, so after dropping one in from the design library I have to cancel out of the incontext assembly edit mode so I can mate it. After mating it up, how am I supposed to add the other connectors? If I drag&drop from the desing lib, it wants to start a new harness assembly. This I obviously dont want because all the connectors are part of the same harness. So, I tried editing the harness assembly (in context of the main assembly). I can bring in another connector at this point, but cannot mate it to its component. Is it mandatory for all connectors to have mate references? The tutorial and helpless file seem to assume so. I dont see this stated anywhere, and in my case is very impracticle.
If I follow the workflow of the tutorial and place all the connectors (without mating them) I can run the routes but afterwords am unable to mate the connectors to where they should be, even after "floating" the sub-assembly.
Another problem, when two routes start from the same connector but terminate at different connectors, if they are routed through a clip the two segments nearest the common start point seem to merge into one route. At this point, if I try to "add wire" to one of the routes its a problem because it appears I have a single route from the first connector that splits into two as it passes through the clip. If I try to detach the routes from the clip, I get an error message saying the selected route does not pass through a clip, obviously wrong.

If I follow the other workflow shown in the documents and put all the connectors in the top level assembly (which I dont want), I can mate them to their components but when I try to put in the wires theres more problems. I can click "start route" and pick one c-point and then I am not allowed to pick any other c-points to terminate the route to. What good is that? If I start routing by just using 3D-splines, the beginning and end of the splines do not want to mate to C-points. So how does the spline know that its an electrical route with connector "A" at one end and connector "B" at the other. I also assume that when "flattening" such a harness for a drawing that none of the connectors are accounted for because they are not in the harness sub-assembly?

I'm sure I will find more difficulties which are not addressed by the "documentation" and be asking more questions.


Thanks for any tips