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Meeting Notes - August 19, 2010

Question asked by Thomas Allsup on Aug 20, 2010

Here are my notes from last night's meeting:


SolidProfessor presentation from Progression Technology.  Looks like a good training tool that users will get to sample shortly.  The tool is based on a series of three to ten minute videos describing an aspect of SolidWorks.  Special credit to Christie for keeping Richard Doyle in his seat when the presenter listed the existing training tools and didn't mention these free SolidWorks forums.


SolidWorks Customization presentation from Chris Accardo.  Very good presentation on the material library and editing the toolbox.  Chris suggested using the // for material properties.  To use the material name in several folders with different finishes, his trick was to add different number of spaces at the end of the material name.  In the material properties tag is a "favorites" tab that allows you to choose and edit the order of your favorite materials so when you select the material the small pop-up menu woul dhave your favorite materials and not the SolidWorks defaults.  Chris referenced Sal Lima's Toolbox presentation from SolidWorks World 2009 as a great introduction to toolbox editing.  On the right side corner pane of the toolbox is a small selection that allows you to export and import the toolbox as a spreadsheet for easier editing.  Chris added material as a custom property for his hardware but others such as vendor or finish could have been added.  Adding a configuration of a standard toolbox part is a very straightforward process if you use one of the simple workarounds but addding a custom configuration inside the toolbox looks very difficult.


Richard Doyle presented a short intro to Beta Testing for 2011 which is now up to Beta 2 with almost no reported crashes.  Benefits of particiapting in the beta program included prizes and getting a head start on the new release.  One of the biggest notes was regardless of your package, the beta has access to everything so you can try out routing, simulation, and other cool options without the expense.  2011 release is speculated to be September or so this year.


A show of hands poll indicated that the majority of the users would like to show a couple of Youtube or Forum videos during each meeting.


Dion Casto of Rapid Toolng, Plano, mentioned a very short term need for a surfacing expert for a project they are working on.


Thomas Allsup mentioned the potential availability of a small kiosk at SolidWorks World 2011 in San Antonio in January of 2011 when SolidWorks offers them soon.  If any independent contractors or consultants are interested in representing North Texas, please let me know.