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Rebuilding top down designs

Question asked by Graeme Edwards on Aug 19, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2011 by Greg Van Arsdale

I have a fairly simple product design which is an electronics enclosure with 4 stacked PCBs and a two part housing with modules consisting of a PCB enclosed in 2 part housings that plug into the back. I designed this as a top down design using layout sketches at the top level which then propogate through to the sub assemblies, and parts to detirmine where planes and feature position and sizes fall. We have just had to change some electronic components which has changed the stack height between PCBs. I am finding the rebuilding of the whole design is taking a long time because the "rebuild" function - either the traffic light button, or the force rebuild CTRL-Q doesn't actually cascade down all the way, so I have to go through each sketch or plane and edit it, and then close it to get it to update.


Why doesn't the rebuild functions do this? Am I missing something?


I'm using sw standard 2010 SP4.0