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In need of a Solidworks Mechanical Design Position in the Buffalo NY area

Question asked by Scott McFadden on Aug 19, 2010

I am being let go from my current position as a contract employee due to budget cuts being

passed down from corporate.  After holding down a Solidworks design position in my last job of 14 years,

due to severe down sizing from current economic times, I am in need of employment.


I have 31 years of experience in a wide variety of design capacities.  I have detailed mechanical packages

consisting of sheet metal, aluminum castings and injection molded plastic.  I have also designed and drafted

complex cable assemblies, rack assemblies, skid piping, pneumatic tools as well as pneumatic valve assemblies.


I have had numerous Solidworks trainings from part, assembly, Cosmos to PDM.  I am a CSWP with

10 years experience.


I am very qualified to handle any challenging position in any companies design engineering department.

I am very dependable, conscientious and work well with people.  I also have exceptional organizational skills

both in and out of the computer as well as being able to learn software in a very quick and timely fashion.


I look forward to hearing from you and talking over my credentials further.


Thank you very much.



Scott McFadden


CSWP Solidworks Designer