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    Solidworks/PDM revision level blank in E drawings?

    Dan Schleicher

      I have just completed an ECN on several drawings in Solidworks. I let other departments know of the change. Quality can see the Solidworks drawing in E drawings, but the revision blocks are blank. The can see the revision date, the drawing with all the dimensions, but no revision. We are currently using Solidworks/PDM and E Drawings 2008.

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          Kim Nguyen

          Hi Dan,


          Can you confirm that when you open the drawing in SolidWorks (with "Quick View" option is NOT enabled), you can see the Revision block correctly?


          I guess this could be a bug in the ealier versions of eDrawings and this bug was fixed from v. 2009 SP4 (see solution 036928 in Knowledge Base).


          One workaround could be: open and resave the drawing in SolidWorks.

          Best regards,