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    attach a block?

    Bonnie Caruthers



      Can I attach a block to a dimension so it moves with it?  Cannot find answer in help.  Sorry, still new and learning.


      thanks again,


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          Scott McFadden


          I have wanted this for years but I have never found a way.  I know you can create a GDT command

          bar and hover it over a dimension and they both highlight and lock together, but the same results don't happen

          with blocks.



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              Bonnie Caruthers

              Hi Scott,


              seems like a basic need to me.  I am a Pro/E user, which has plenty of its own quirks, and have only been using SW for a matter of days. Having  to catch up a block to a dim all the time can make for some mistakes in printing, besides the obvious frustrations in drawings.  I see in HELP it can be attached to a view but it does not say how.  That would be somewhat helpful



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              John Ehrhardt

              My VAR confirmed that dimensions do not have anchor points for attaching sketched blocks.

              Attaching sketched symbols to dimensions is done in Inventor (available years ago).  A symbol then stays with the dimension.


              VAR says to write a ER.  ER's from users will have good visibility.