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Need to mine a vault for current rev pdf from another program

Question asked by Douglas Matlock on Aug 18, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2010 by Jesse Seger

We have owned PDMWorks and have never implemented it.  Last year, we (the IT manager and myself) took the Admin and User classes and did not get encouraging answers so we set the project aside.  It has come up again(see below for why, it doesn't really matter, but it is a fine example of blackmail) and we need to find a solution.


We need to be able to run a subroutine inside other programs that can mine the vault for pdfs to print without logging into the vault.  We have not yet gone paperless and so we print a traveler for each job that includes the latest drawings.  Our current home made system uses windows search routines in the appropriate directories and prints the current pdf file for each drawing.  Is there any way to get into the vault, search for the correct current pdf file and print it from a non-solidworks program?


Thanks for your help.






*** the reason this has come up again is that I asked to be sent to Solidworks World 2011.  I was told to get PDMWorks working and I could go.  A clear cut case of blackmail, I could complain, but my boss owns the company so there isn't anybody to complain to.***