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Sheet Metal Bend Problem

Question asked by Alan Stoldt on Aug 18, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2010 by Matthew McKnight

I haven't used Sheet Metal much, and usually with mixed results. (Likely from my lack of knowledge...)


I am stuck here. I started out with a basic shape and was able to get my desired result. Then I went back to the original sketch and added in a few features that I needed.


Now I don't know if it is the sequence of the bending operations or if I need a relief for Solidworks to bend the final two bends (even though there is no relief in real life and the part is already made....)


Below is a picture of my desired result.


110 required result.JPG


The bends giving me issues are the top two that make the long legs of the "m' shape.


110 bend.JPG

Above is a picture showing what I am trying to bend to. Radius can be from .0385 to .0635 shown. Angle is 100 to 110 degrees.


Bend is acceptable Material Inside or Bend Centerline.


Zipped file is SW2009.


I would appreciate any help and also the explanation so I can avoid the problem or learn the solution.

Thank you in advance.