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Decals not showing up in all cases.

Question asked by Greg Hynd on Aug 18, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by Rob Rodríguez



Probably seen this in the m &m thread, just thought i would start a new thread, and maybe get some help with this problem.


Basically, why does the decal not show up on all the m & m's while in PV 360? they show up fine in the solidworks window. I have played around with it for a while, just cant seem to get anywhere with it.


Solidworks window:

16-08-2010 15-45-22.png

Final Pv360 render:

M & M 2.png


Wierd thing is the decal doesnt show up on the red sweets, which was the original one, but it shows on the blue. i added the different colours in the assembly.


I have attached the assembly too.