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Adding additional fields to a sheet metal gauge table?

Question asked by Adam Fick on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by Matthew Lorono

I'm wondering if anyone else has been sucessful at adding addtional fields to a gauge table other than the predefined fields in there that define (Plate Thickness, Gauge, and available bend radius)

I'm trying to add in some additional features that would be propagated automatically into the part description/BOM after the specific gauge table is picked


for example I would like to add the fields "Material", "Part Number", and "Description" to the gauge table so that when I pick 1/2" MS plate, my part shows in the description that I've picked 00.500 Plate MS - 573-031-006 (our part number) and " 1/2" Plate MS"


has anyone been able to add fields like this to the table and get them to add info to the part? or am I just wishing to hard?