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Saving as STL produces really tiny STL model?

Question asked by 1-SYMZGQ on Aug 17, 2010
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I'm using eDrawings Using eDrawings I open up an STLPRT file that's been generated by SolidWorks, and I can measure dimensions of the part, and they are correct (around 100 mm long in the case of this part). Then in eDrawings I save-as to an STL file. I've tried both the binary and text file versions of STL. When I open the resulting STL file in either MeshLab or NetFabb the part is really tiny - measurements taken in those programs indicate the part is less than 1 mm long.


Any suggestions as to what might be going wrong here?






PS; No, I can't personally generate the STL file from Solidworks - I'm not the SolidWorks guy. I guess I could ask him to do that, if eDrawings is really broken in this regard or something.