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    failed to created a parametric component?

    K. Bhoopathy

      While loading an add inns for SolidWorks Simulation. I got a message like this..

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          Matthew McKnight

          Under the knowledge base you can do a search for the message and see a  list of all of the results, but it looks like it's because you have a  number of SolidWorks versions installed.


          From the knowledge base under Solution Id S-027743...


          "Q. What should I do if I get the error message “Failed to create parametric component” and what does it mean?


          A. The error message “Failed to create  parametric component” is related to a *dll incompatibility between  different versions of SolidWorks on the same machine. It disables the  parameter definition and the use of Design Scenario in SolidWorks  Simulation (COSMOS), except for the latest version.


          You can just  ignore the error message, if you want to use an older version but you do  not need parameter definition and Design Scenario in this version. If  you want to use the parametric definition in an older version, there is a  workaround available: 


          1.      Find the installation folder of the latest SolidWorks version (e.g. 2009)
          2.      In there open the Simulation (COSMOS) folder and search for “parametricobject.dll”.
          3.      You might fine more then one. Select the one which is not related to SimulationXpress (COSMOSCpress) and copy it.
          4.      Paste it into a location where you can fine it again. This is you backup copy.
          5.      Find the installation folder of the SolidWorks version you want to use the parameter definition (e.g. 2008).
          6.      Repeat steps 2-3
          7.       Paste it in to the location where you found the  “parametricobject.dll” of the latest SolidWorks version (e.g. 2009). The  “parametricobject.dll” in the latest installation folder must basically  be replaced by the older version (the version you want do define the  parameters in).


          Parameter definition and Design Scenario should  work fine for the version selected in step 5. It will not work in any  other version, including the latest version. You have to repeat the  steps above to change the version in which the parameter definition is  enabled. Use the back up copy in to allow parameter definition for the  latest version."


          There are a number of other Solutions and SPR's raised for this message including one which is related to the message appearing when you have Beta 2011 installed!