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Best practice to print pdf for a list of drawings that don't belong to the same project or assembly?

Question asked by Kevin Corr on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2010 by Tomasz Wroblewski

so far? I use excel to create a .sqy query, then read that into the vault search tool, then hit find, then print pdf, REPEAT find, print pdf 34 times. Actually, they were the whole of a certan lifecycle's population, so, i got lucky and was able to check the whole vault out and have a macro print all with the lifecycle they all shared.


But I won't have that luxury next time I need to print a list of drawings. They all will be released, which makes them indistinct status from the larger population of released documents.


I know I probably can mod the macro I used to read from a text array to find a matching drawing and print it. But that isn't that great a solution since no examples are around to handle that type of array process.