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    Replace In Search Window

    Bill Stadler

      When I right-click on a drawing in my search window and select SolidWorks I now see Replace and Rename along with Pack and Go in EPDM2010 where-as in EPDM2008 I only have Pack and Go.  Please see attached image.


      When I click on the Replace I get a license agreement popping up for Workgroup.  We do not have Workgroup we have Enterprise.  Before I accept the agreement can anybody tell me what the Replace and Rename actually does?  Also if I accept the agreement is it going to install workgroup or anything else?  No-where can I find any documentation in regards to this.





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          Jeff Sweeney

          All three of these are just shortcuts to functions preformed by SW Explorer. Since SW Explorer is the interface to Workgroup, that is why you are getting the message.


          I think you already have Workgroup installed, that is why you are getting the license agreement.


          Since you have EPDM, don't use them for files in the vault. Use the EPDM tools. They are handy for files outside of your vault though.

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              Devon Sowell

              Here's what I see, I too have both Workgroup & EPDM active most of the time, I get no error message, 2010 sp3


              Jeff's advice is correct



              Devon Sowell


              PACK AND GO 2010 EPDM.png

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                Bill Stadler

                Ahhh.  The test machine that I was on had SW manually installed and WorkGroup must have been selected.  Thanks for that.


                When I saw the replace I was hoping that it was going to be an easy way of re-referencing a drawing to look at a different part.  Many times our users will spin a part off by itself for conceptual and later want to create a drawing.  They will go back and do a save as on the drawing and then have to re-reference it to the new model.   Going through the Open dialog and Reference button is not the most intuitive thing especially if you only do it every once in great awhile.


                Thanks for help.