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2008-2009 Student version and Win-7 Pro in XP Mode

Question asked by Mike Jaquet on Aug 17, 2010
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I'm between jobs right now and am trying to learn Solidworks at home, we're also about to upgrade our home computer.


I received a copy of the 2008-2009 Student Version of Solidworks from a local reseller and I'm still in the 10-day trial window.  He wasn't sure if I would be able to register it since it is older and since I'm not currently enrolled in a school program.


If I have to get a newer version (assuming I will be able to register it) then we will probably upgrade our Win-XP based desktop with a laptop.  The laptop will probably run Windows 7 with the Pro edition of the O/S.  The ones I'm looking at use one of the Intel i chips (i3, i5, i7).  One seemingly knowledgeable sales/tech recommended I get an i7 at 1.7Mhz over an i5 at 2.4Mhz.  Graphics cards seem to be the Nvidia 300 series stuff (GeForce or GetForce?).


If we get a Win-7 computer, will the Student version of Solidworks run in the XP Mode of the computer?  The system requirements pages says it will not run directly on Win-7.


Also, none of the Nvidia 300 series graphics cards seem to be listed with the supported drivers available, what am I missing?????


Thanks for any help or directions.  I'm a long time user of SDRC I-DEAS and that job market is dead locally, and I'm waaaay out of date on AutoCAD.  There seems to be openings requiring Solidworks, and I've heard good things about SW, so that's the direction I'm trying to go.