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Client updates from admin image

Question asked by Mark Athey on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2010 by Ryan Bates

couple of questions regarding how clients upgrade when a new admin image is created...




ok, so at this years SWW, i learned about creating a single named folder and copying the new admin image into it...

my question is - what does the end user see? does it just automatically update or is there an option to postpone it to a later time -

the reason i ask is that the updates can take 2 hours to install (normal?) and if someone needs to get something out quick, I don't want to hold them up for that long.



second question - in the admin guide - there's an option to "advertise" an update to the admin image - same question - what does the end user see? I'm guessing this would have to option for the user to go ahead and update or wait...but i'd want it to be pretty annoying so at some point they would have to do the update (and not be able to say "don't ask me again")


if anyone has any other suggestions as to how to best implement these updates - I'd love to hear...