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    How to scale an assembly of surfaces?

    Daen Hendrickson

      I am using SW2010 SP4.


      I have an assembly built by someone else. The assembly is 117 surface bodies creating the exterior of an aircraft. This would be a great model to spruce up my company logo. The problem is that the model scale is 1:1 to the aircraft - hard to fit on a business card! So I want to scale this down.


      Not being a surfacing guy, my plan was to save the assembly as a part (to get a single solid) and then scale. But the part file is still made up of all the surfaces and the scale command shrinks each surface individually without retaining their relative position to each other (each surface retains its original origin I think). The end result looks like an aircraft after a missile hit.


      I also tried the knit command. SW tells me there are no edges to knit, please loosen the tollerance.


      Can someone please point me in the right direction. I just want to shrink the model down for inclusion in another part file all for aesthetic reasons.