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EPDM Notifications

Question asked by Barry Stump on Aug 15, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2010 by Barry Stump

We have a new install of EPDM and I am finally getting around to testing Transition and State Notifications using the Database and SMTP.  But neither work.  (However I have sent the TEST SMTP and that workd and the Notifyction to user and that works but the transition and state do not).  I have looked thru the forum and online to see if there is any good info to help and tried what I could find.  But still no go.  Anyone have any insights for me?


I am getting my IT manager to test the info in the "Troubleshooting the PDMWorks Enterprise Database Server.pdf" from Solution ID S-08226 as well as the info in to no avail.  We must be missing something.  I am also asking my VAR.