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    How to access user info in dispatch

    Kevin Vaughan

      Is there any drect access to the user variables in dispatch?

      ex, fullname, user name, email, initials, userdata?

      Only the name of logged in user is available as a dispatch variable.


      My VAR supplied a script to extract initials from the full user name, but that isn't what I am hoping for.  I want direct access to read these values.


      Do I need an enhancement request?

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          Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M



          I believe you are getting the following values when users run the dispatch.


          EX:SP (Initials of the user)


          Use the following strings and you are good to go !


          For User's Full name use this <Full name> to replace <Initials>.This works well if you have given full name while creating the users in accounts.


          Ex: SEAN PENN


          Similarly  Use <Login name> to replace <initials> to get the log name


          EX: SPENN


          I hope this helps you out ! let me know if you need more info.




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            Carsten Wesseler

            Hi Kevin,


            Did you manage to get the fullname via Dispatch?!


            Can you post the script?!


            Greetings, Carsten

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              Jason Capriotti

              Anyone get this to work through Dispatch? I need to apply the user's initial's to the data card.

              %NameOfLoggedInUser% only gets the login name.


              I can set it via a transition but I'd rather do it in dispatch so I don't get two different checkin versions, one for dispatch varaibles and another for the transition variable.

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                  Wayne Matus

                  It cannot be done using dispatch. From the Administration Guide, here is a list of all the system variables.


                  Current configuration


                  Example: @

                  Current folder path


                  Example: C:\VaultProjA\FolderA

                  Current revision of selected file(s)


                  Example: A

                  Current version of selected file(s)


                  Example: 4

                  Directory of selected file(s)


                  Example: C:\VaultProjA\FolderA

                  Name of current folder


                  Example: FolderA

                  Name of current vault


                  Example: VaultProjA

                  Name of logged-in user


                  Example: Admin

                  Name of selected file(s)


                  Example: 89-NOAO-4200-1234.sldprt

                  Name of user who created selected file(s)


                  Example: Admin

                  Path to selected file(s)


                  Example: C:\VaultProjA\FolderA\89-NOAO-4200-1234.sldprt

                  Path to SolidWorks Enterprise PDM root folder


                  Example: C:\VaultProjA

                  Runtime variable

                  A runtime variable is a temporary container to store user input. You can then use the runtime variable in your action scripts.

                  Example: UserState

                  Selected file(s) current workflow state


                  Example: Approved

                  Static string

                  Sets the variable to a static string you create using the Value field.

                  Example: %Number%_%Rev%.pdf

                  Time when selected file(s) was created


                  Example: 20090726 14:44:1

                  Time when selected file(s) was modified


                  Example: 20090726 17:04:12

                  Value of environmental variable

                  Sets the variable to the value of an environmental variable you choose.

                  Example: USERNAME

                  Value of registry variable

                  Sets the variable to the value of a registry variable you choose.

                  Example: FileExtVer

                  Variable value from selected file(s) datacard

                  Sets the variable to the value of a datacard variable you choose.

                  Example: Approved on


                  I should add, the only way to get a users email address is to query the database via the API.