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    quick freeform question

      Hi Everyone,


      I just have a question about freeform that's driving me a little nuts. I'm trying to knit together two faces, basically a planar cut and an adjacent fillet, and then freeform shape them as one surface. I'm having trouble getting it to work, as freeform doesn't recognize the knit faces as a single surface, but will only let me choose one face or the other. My question is simply whether I should keep on trying to make this work or whether it is actually impossible to freeform shape two faces at a time. Perhaps someone has an alternate method?


      Thank you!



      PS - I'm using Solidworks 2009

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          Kelvin Lamport

          After knitting the faces together, are you able to create a zero-offset single surface from them?

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              Hi Kelvin,


              Thanks for taking the time to respond. I can indeed create a zero-offset surface from my knitted surface. Not sure if this is what you intended, but trying to freeform shape ththe resultant surface does not work. It will only accept "faces" as elements for shaping.



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              Matt Lombard

              You can keep trying, but the results will remain the same. What you might do instead is to use Delete Face to get rid of the faces you don't want to edit individually, and replace them with a Boundary Surface. Then you can either use Freeform on the Boundary, or just add sketches to make the Boundary the shape you want it to be right from the start.

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                  Hi Matt,


                  Thank you to you as well. The delete faces function is an interesting one that I'd never used before. If it isn't obvious, I don't have much experience with surfacing.


                  Anyway, I tried deleting the faces and defining a boundary surface, but that turned into quite a mess; it looked like a lot of trouble to define. Instead I went with "Filled Surface" (merge results and try to form solid checked ON),  which filled the gap quickly with a sort of malformed surface that I thought I could freeform into the shape I want.


                  The problem is that freeform doesn't seem to be able to handle this surface at all. Althuogh I was successful in previewing the shape I want, when I try to exit the freeform edit dialog, it givesa rebuild error along the lines of "cannot shape this face; boundary may be too complex; try splitting face into simpler pieces."


                  I've made some jpeg screenshots of what I'm doing. Step 1 (left in image) being the part that I start with, step 2 being the part after I filled the surface, and step 3
                  being the shape that I'm trying to get, as previewed during the freeform function.


                  Do you think it is worth it to go ahead and try to figure out how to get a boundary surface going? To be honest, I'm not sure what the difference between boundary surface and filled surface would be..


                  Thanks again,


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                    Oops, sorrry; didn't understand what you meant at first. I re-read your message and then as you were suggesting, I created a boundary surface from sketched profiles describing what I wanted (with no freeforming), and that works fine. I suppose I was just looking for a quicker, if less accurate way of doing this, since I just need the model to communicate an idea. Maybe next time I'll just do a paper sketch or learn some ID software for this purpose.


                    Anyhow, your method will definitely come in handy if/when it comes time to do a more accurate model. Thanks again for your help!