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    Named BOM Permissions?

    Nick Kamenszky



      I would like to know precisely which permisisons must be enabled in order to allow a user[group] to create and save a named BOM.


      I need to permit 2 different usergroups the ability to create and save named BOMs, and I have the settings for both of these groups set identically as far as I know, however only one of the groups members can create and save named BOMs.


      The group that cannot save a named bom is getting the message "You don't have permission to perform this action" upon attempting to save.


      Thanks in advance for any insight.

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          Calvin Nelson

          You might want to open up a user in each of the groups who is having the problem. Looking at the permissions for the group does not always mean you are looking at the permissions a user in that group has. See this link for a further explanation.



          Let us know what you find.




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              Nick Kamenszky

              Many thanks Calvin for your prompt reply. The insight with regard to a group's permissions versus a user's permissions and how a user permission is only updated when the group is updated whereby "pushing" its permissions was very helpful. That's a useful tidbit of info not made all too clear in the EPDM user documentation.


              However, even after updating both group's permissions individually and veriftying that the new group settings have been pushed to the users, I am still having the same situation where one user group can create/save a new Named Bom, while the other group and its members cannot despite both groups haveing their permissions set equally.

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                  Jeff Sweeney

                  Check Permissions per Folder -> Add or rename file, that is the setting that seems to miss people up most often.


                  Thanks for the mention Calvin! Though don't be confused, that blog was talking about user settings, which are not stored groups. I think this is a permission issue...these are stored in groups.

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                      Nick Kamenszky

                      Thank you. That did it.


                      Although, unfortunately this is in a folder where I do not want group B to add all files, only named BOMS. I'll get around it by making a new root folder calling it named boms and giving it its own workflow.


                      It would be nice if adding files and named boms were two separate permissions.


                      Thank for al lthe help fellas. Much obliged.