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How do I change route DIA in route property given at new route start

Question asked by Svetlana Antiperovitch on Aug 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by Vikas Dhiman

I realized that this topic was discussed few times. Did not see the solution so far.


Insert flange of 1" in new document. Start new route - give route property - pipe and elbow.

Given property will be aplicable only for 1" pipes and elbows. If the pipe dia change (chance of this happening is 99% - Mr. Andy H. - This fact I announce specificly for your attention!) the route property will be defaulted to the top of configuration list.


Question: HOW DO WE CONTROL THE ROUTE PROPERTY FOR SIZES THAT ARE DIFFERENT from size specified at start? I am not asking to go and correct manually "Route Segment Properties" for each segment. I am asking about controling property for entire route.


Sample: I route 1/2" dia, say I want all the piping to be threaded sch 80, then I route 2" line, I want from here go Butt Weld Sch 10.