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Does PDM Works do revision management? No it doesn't!

Question asked by 1-B5651X on Aug 12, 2010
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Hello All


Do I sound a little frustrated? Yes!


I bought into the PDMWorks idea hoping it would help me manage my projects better, however I have found that it can't do revision management seamlessly without a lot of manual labor! I am really hoping I am wrong about this and someone will tell me what I am doing wrong.



I have several sub-assemblies in my vault. I check them out to form a larger assembly. During this process PDMWorks becomes convinced that these sub-assemblies have changed and considers them newer versions. This can happen because you spin the model and save it or solidworks rebuilds the model or...etc. In my case I created a drawing and solidsworks will not save it unless I save everything forcing the newer version flag to appear on my sub-assemblies.


However the sub-assemblies has NO CHANGED geometry. They haven't changed in so far as getting parts manufactured and putting it together in the real world. It doesn't deserve a revision bump!


My problem is PDMWorks thinks the revision should be bumped because of some arbitrary change in the file that has NOTHING to do with the real world.


My fix is the recheck in these assemblies over and over again using the "read from file" option under the REV column. Tedious, time consuming, and prone to error. I end up repeating this cycle until all the newer version flags go away. This is not how it should work is it?


Hoping I am a total knucklehead and someone can tell me what I am doing is wrong and that this is not the way it supposed to works!


Save the "but the file changed" argument because I heard that one. If the assembly,part, or drawing is the same it doesn't deserve a rev bump. If I end up building the same part or the drawing is identical when pdf'd, it doesn't deserve a revision bump!


Thanks in Advance!