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    Barry Stump

      What are your thoughts on creating Drawings at the same time as the Part or Assembly is created using a single Create Part (Assembly) Template?  Pro's and Con's?

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          Jeff Walters

          Pors:  You can use one input card for the part, assembly, and drawing. You can use template variables to control file naming and other common metadata.

          Cons: you do not give the flexibility to the engineer that they have doing things manually or is this a pro? you can end up creating empty drawings that don't end up being used.

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              Barry Stump

              I tested this yesterday and once the two files were created it came up with both data cards (part and drawing) one after the other.  I did have it map the Number to both cards so I assume you can map aditional items the same way.


              Yes one pro and con is definatly forcing the designer/engineers hand in creation of the drawing file early (pro and con).  It also has an associated pro, that is, it keeps the part and drawing in sync (states) when checking in and avoids an associated states out of sync error.  This state error may be able to be avoided if there is a way to match states and revisions when creating drawings from parts and assemblies inside SolidWorks.  And the obvious con is that you get empty drawings that you may not need or want and end up showing up in searches.


              Can we use this with standard views?  Hmm . . .

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                  Joel Magnuson

                  I saved the CAD Data Card as as the Drawing Data card and removed the serial number generation part from the drawing one.  So the Drawing card looks like the CAD card, but it's different in one way (Number variable is listed as "Text Value" rather than "Serial Number")


                  Logging in as admin into the vault, you can setup Solidworks (Under Enterprise PDM> Options)  to use the serial number of parts and assemblies as the file name, and then don't use a serial number for the drawing.


                  Under the Administration settings under the variable Number I wrote to the $PRPSHEET block to the drawing, which takes the number from the .sldprt file and puts it into the drawing number. 


                  Using this method doesn't need to make a drawing and a part at the same time.  I do not have a template for drawings because you can't do this with an EPDM template.  However, if you still wanted to make both at the same time and not have the data card show up, you can uncheck the box in the template "show file data card when file is created".