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EPDM and Master Control

Question asked by Daniel Adlon on Aug 11, 2010

We recently started using EPDM to control our CAD files and are in the process of attempting to create the connection to Master Control.  I work for a medical device firm and as such are regulated by the FDA and use Master Control for all our electronic documentation control to be in compliance with 21CFR part 11 requirements.  In theory, when releasing a SW drawing (note, only drawing files are "released" to Master Control, models files are not) to Master Control, a PDF is generated of the drawing and this is actually what resided in the Master Control database.  Master Control provides addins to EPDM to link the databases which will also recognize when revisions are made.


One issue I have is that Master Control requires that when I want to release a file to Master Control, it needs to be checked and then press a button on the info card whats activates the "push" where it will assign a document number, that is entered into the meta data for the drawing file in SW.  This would normally be the drawing number.  Our preferred method though would be to have EPDM assign the numbers not Master Control.


Anyone out there have any experience with this?