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Very Large Structural Simulation

Question asked by adam nikel on Aug 11, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2010 by Satit Nilyai

Ok this structure 72 ft leg to leg, its a massive structure and im having serious problems meshing it even with a heavy duty computer. (the problem is the whole thing is made up of 2 7/8 and 1 in pipe with a .083 wall thickness) I tried mesh control along with a curved mesh instead of a standard and it kinda helps but it randomly doesnt grab certain components of assembly, there 2 legs and 4 top curved peices. no welds, no bolts, were just testing the connection as basically one peice.


I been told try to change the mesh type to a beam mesh, in solidworks 2010 how do u go about that? or even in older versions not much has changed. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated