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Bulk Loading the PDM Vault for the first time....

Question asked by Justin Peak on Aug 11, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2010 by Justin Peak
Hi all,
Our company is about to start using PDM Workgroup and I wanted some advice on bulk loading the vault. I went to a day training for SW PDM Workgroup Administering and I have both training books (PDM Administering/PDM Cad Editor) but I am still a little unsure of the best practice of loading the vault to begin. Unfortunately, the book doesn't focus much on this.
Our company has about 13,000 total SW Files (parts, drawings, assemblies) and probably 99% all have unique file names. So I would like to ask some questions just to get started.
What's the easiest method to find duplicate SW file names? Is there a freeware/shareware app that people use? Some other way?
Should you bulk load files into the vault starting with the models - then assemblies - then drawings? or should you just load your main SW folder and have it load everything at once?
We are currently using SW 2008 for production but are moving to 2010 when we get the vault ready. Should we convert all files before loading them into the vault?
Any other advice, links, etc....on preparing and loading the vault, would be greatly appreciated.