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    seppe lauw

      Can you open student version files in a commercial version and also the ohter way around? And will you then still experience the limitations of the student version (watermark..)?


      thank you!

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          Deepak Gupta

          Though you can open but you'll get watermarks and there will be a hat kind of icon on the files which differentiates student version files from commercial ones.

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            Scott McFadden

            There should be no problem doing that.  A Solidworks file is a Solidworks file.

            As long as it is a .sldprt, .sldasm, slddrw it should be fine.

            As long as the releases are the same.  Meaning you can't open a 2010 file up

            in 2009, but you can open a 2009 file up in 2010


            I have a more watered down version of Solidworks at home vs work and I am able to

            open the same files up in both going back and forth.