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    Assembly detailing

    Aravind Naik



                  I have an issue in detailing the assembly.Plz find the attached pdf sheet which gives out the difference of autocad and solidworks.Well i want the detailing like in autocad sheet on the solidworks drw.Is it possible??????????????????????Basically i wnt one of the dimension extension line to be off.

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          Deepak Gupta

          You can right click on the dim ext. line and hide it or set in the template itself for not showing the extension line.

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              Aravind Naik

              Dear deepak,

                                   but how is it done in solidworks drw.............drawing  developed from the model??????

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                  Bruce Turner

                  Hi Aravind,

                  Place a dimension as per normal.

                  Right click the dimension line that you want to hide and choose "hide dimension line" from the list of options.

                  Right click the extension line that you want to hide and choose "hide extension line" from the list of options.

                  Add a diameter symbol if needed or appropriate.


                  This will give you what you require. You can also choose to do two more things.

                  In the dimension property manager there is a section titled "Style".

                  In here you can choose to "add or update a style" or "save a style" It works a bit like the Hole Wizard does.

                  If you choose "add or update a style" I think that it only saves this information in the current file (slddrw).

                  If you choose "save a style" it saves to a folder of your choice. There is probably a default location for this information but I have created my own "Dimension Favourites" folder on our network.


                  I think that you have to "add or update a style" first, and then "save it as a style".


                  You can create lots of your own styles. I have about 30 that I use regularly for different things like what you are trying to do and things like different decimal places etc.


                  Hope this helps,