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    Linking file name to description and dwg no (split)

    Jack Parlane

      Hi guys,


      So my boss wants to name each new part with it's part number followed by a description. Eg. PNT001 - Bracket . So it's easy to list and find when exploring windows.  Now what i want to do is link each individual entity of the file name (part no. and description) to the relevant annotations in the drawing file.  Attached an image which might help.



      Capture screen.PNG


      As you can see I've linked the file location and name successfully down the bottom but would like to be able split that and populate the Description and Dwg No. boxes.


      Any help appreciated, or alternative suggestions on file storage/naming.





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          Jeremy Feist

          the only way I can think of to split the property is in the model file, using either a Design Table or equations. what I would suggest is to have them separate in the model, and look into what they did in this post (https://forum.solidworks.com/message/23493#23493) to have the description property show up in windows.


          PS - I haven't tried either of these.



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            Alan Stoldt

            Talking off the top of my head here trying to give you an idea to follow:


            Seperate the PNT001 and BRACKET initially. Then create a Design Table, using Excel function, you should be able to join the two existing properties into one combined property.


            PNT001 + BRACKET = PNT001 - BRACKET


            Above is not the correct syntax for excel, just a general idea.


            Part Name.JPG


            from an "EXCEL PRIMER" by DARREN HENRY...


            Hope this helps some.

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              Charles Culp

              That sounds like a regular mess.


              Instead, consider installing Google Desktop Search, which indexes text inside files. Then continue just naming part files by their part number, and type in a search in Windows Desktop Search to find the file.


              Microsoft also makes Microsoft Search, which is a competing program to Google's software. Microsoft's software is integrated into SolidWorks, and you can search directly inside SW, or just with the Microsoft Dialog. It is a great way to organize your files, except it doesn't work (oops!).


              Either way, what you are trying to do sounds messy, and I suggest using an indexable search tool, we use Google Desktop Search here. It has completely changed the way we find documents, and has literally saved me hours every week.

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                  Jack Parlane

                  Thanks guys,


                  It is a little messy i agree but is there any other ways to structure/naming files which makes sense...have you any examples how you guys structure your files and links to file names.  Thing is it seems like a good idea to be able to link the file name to the part no which then self populates through out the drawings and BOM's, would save an awful lot of checking.  Is this a standard method of naming parts?




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                      Charles Culp

                      You can do a search here in the forums for part number system, and come up with a dozen threads with dozens of responses each.


                      A common, and my suggestion:


                      Each part file is named by its part number (only, without any dash numbers).

                      Old revisions are kept in a seperate folder. Whatever is current has the part number as the file name.


                      BOMs are controlled by the Configuration name, not the part number name. This allows for a multi-configuration part to be two or more part numbers. For example we have a C5000-1 and C5000-2 part number. They are two screws, of the same style but different lengths. They are one part file with two configurations. The part file is named C5000.sldprt. The configurations are named C5000-1 and C5000-2. The description is in the "description" filed of the custom properties (File>Custom Properties), and is called "Screw".


                      Also, you should look into Workgroup PDM. It comes with SolidWorks Professional, and is a much more robust way to organize your files.

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                    Jack Parlane

                    Been following another thread and come up with a result




                    Although this works a treat, i'm still going to give some serious thought and do some more reading before settling on a part no/file naming system that'll work for us.