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nVidia FX 880M & latest driver

Question asked by Tony Gatta on Aug 10, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2010 by Tony Gatta

Greets all,

If anyone out there runs a Thinkpad W510 with the QuadroFX 880 you may

well be aware of the system hang-on-boot if you have USB devices plugged in.


Turns out that the "fix" is to update to the latest nVidia driver (that is a later

release than the Solidworks certified driver).


Anyway.. I've updated, my system doesn't hang anymore, but I've discovered

an annoying little thing in SW that I was hoping someone could help me fix.


In some models, when selecting a face, other faces nearby turn invisible.

This only happens on the part (in an Assembly) that you've selected a face

from.  All other parts are fine.  Not all models do it.  Screen capture below..

before and after face selection.


I have a gut feeling that some setting in nVidia control panel could fix this

but I haven't had any luck on my own (trial and error).  Anyone have any



(other than go back to old driver and don't plug any USB in )