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Looking for 2D cad recommendations

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Aug 10, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2010 by Feroz Mahomed

I am looking for a 2D cad or sketching program that does a few things.


1) It will be used by non-cad, non-engineer floor production people.

2) Can "select chain" or similar capability

3) Layer control with color per layer

4) Is easy in the sketching capability

5) Easy to use linear array copy

6) Very inexpensive

7) Opens/saves/exports DXF/DWG


Autocad and AutoCad like programs are out because they have a very engineering like interface. Many of our sketches have many entities and to offset a chain of entities you have to go in a click on every entity instead of selecting chain like SW. We have some licenses of DesignCad and I just tried out DraftSight. Same thing with them. Both very much like AutoCad. I just love sketching in a part in SW. That is the capability and ease of use, I just can't affford the price tag for where this is going to be used. Also, SW has way more features than needed, it's paying for a lot of awesome software that I don't need for this particular application.