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How to create Projected Views from original Model View insertion?

Question asked by Brett Williams on Aug 10, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2010 by Greg Hynd

It seems like this used to work, but doesn't for me any more.


When I insert a model view into a new drawing, it used to automatically allow me to immediately place projected views from the original parent view. Now it doesn't. Once I place a single view. That's all I can do. Then I exit out of the model view command, have to click on the projected view command, then go from there.


On a similar note, when I choose "Make Drawing from Part" when I'm working with a model, it does not initiate the Insert>Model View command once the drawing template opens. Again, it used to do this (and suggest the first view to insert). Now, not only does it not initiate the command, but when I manually click the Model View command, I have to select which one I want from all the open models in the Model View command fly-out. Isn't the point of selecting "Make Drawing from Part" in the model you are working on, that you want to make a drawing of THAT model???