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Return to a selected or prior status

Question asked by Stott Barwick on Aug 9, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2010 by Jiral Parikh

Is it possible to setup Workgroup PDM to allow returning to a prior status AND return to a prior revision scheme?


This is what we have set up with full expectations to work but it doesn't work as expected.


Revision Scheme

Primary: 001-999 (Range)

Secondary: A-Z (Listing)

With Sequential revisioning selected.



Enable lifecycle checked

We have two Lifecycle statuses set up:

In Design (Uses Primary Revision Scheme)

Released (Uses Secondary Revision Scheme)


'Do not allow a document to return to the selected or a prior status' is not selected in any statuses.


The idea here is that we would use the Design Status while a product was being designed.  We could check it in and out of the vault so that the rest of the team can access the latest in design models.  And we would have a history of the design.


Once it was approved we would check it in with the Released status.


When a revision needed to happen we would set it back to In Design and check it in and out there again until it was approved again.


We have discovered that it seems to be that although you can return to a prior status. (Right click in the PDM view and change it's status) you cannot return the revision to a prior revision.  And if you try to return to a prior status in the check in dialog box it wont let you because it would have to revert to a prior revision.


We do understand that there is the Working copy alternative.  But then we don't have the ability to roll back to a prior design.

We must also use Sequential revisioning because combined revisions are not desired on the final drawings.


Are we missing something?  Can this be done?