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    How do you set path length

    Shawn Luimes

      Does anyone know how to set the length of a path in a Solidworks sketch?  I know that in Pro-Eng you can select a number of lines (ie path) and then set their combined length.  A few of the line or curves in the sketch need to be uncontrained so they can change when the overall path length in changed. 


      Application is I am trying to model a section for a bellow and need the bellow folds to compress when squeezed but the overall material or section length can not.


      Thank in advance for your help

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          Charles Culp

          You will need to set up an equation. Tools>Equations...


          Set an equation where Line1 = 100 - Line2 - Line 3; or something like that.


          I typically don't use equations though. I try and use geometric properties and constraints, along with reference geometry, to keep my sketches automated this way. So I would use the "equal length" constraint for each segment of the bellows, along with a dimension for the first line. Then I would create a construction line between the beginning and end of the bellows, and then have a dimension to control this length.

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            Jeremy Feist

            in the general case, you can use equation(s) to get this functionality. in the case of your bellows, it would probably be easier to sett each of the sections to be equal.



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              Alan Stoldt



              Welcome to the forums.


              I was working on a part for an example, and agree with the previous posts,


              See attached part in SW2009 for an example. I made two configs (Extended and Retracted) with the Over All Length the driving number.