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Simulation Error: Incremental Elastic Strain Too Large

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Aug 9, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2010 by Dean Baragar

I have a sway bar of sorts which I am trying to analyze using Solidworks Simulation. If you look at the attached pictures, you can see this bar is made up of 4 pieces of 3/8" steel. Two of those pieces are solved as sheet metal parts and two of them are not (possible problem?).  If you can't gather this from my pictures I have fixed the faces on one side of the bar and added forces on the other end of the bar. As for the connection of the four pieces, all are corner to corner welds, and I used the rigid connection option to fix these edges together.


The mesh is created without any problems, but the analysis gets ~45% done and it gives me the error:


Incremental elastic strain too large (>25%). Would you like to restart? Y/N


I did a search for this error and it seems no one else has had this problem....any ideas?