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Lock Drawing and Part revision status together; why not? Better yet, how do you lock them?

Question asked by K. lefton on Aug 9, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2010 by Matthew Lorono

Drawing revisions aren't working the way I'd like. Note that I don't use PDMworks (maybe in future, but not now).


When I do a Right Click/Revision/Add Revision to a drawing, the next letter rev of the DRAWING is placed in the proper spots; this works well, except, the model has no knowledge of the drawing rev change. What's more, the bom on the assembly drawing does not show what revision to use.


I've seen some posts where they talk about maybe rev'ing the drawing but not rev'ing the part for various reasons. I'd just like to lock the two together and not have to worry if them being out of sync. But... how do you do that???