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Casting / Machining question

Question asked by Brad Whitten on Aug 6, 2010
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I've looked at the forums, and it looks like the best way to do machined parts from casted parts is to use derived configurations.  There seems to be another way though, so I would like to ask which may be best for my situation.  All of the castings I do will have a design table with maybe 15 to 25 configs.  Each one will require only one machining.


Choice 1 would be to use one file, like many here suggest where you can specify in the design table the derived configs


Choice 2 would be to open a new file (for the machining) and choose insert part, looking at the body of the casting.


It seems to me it would be nicer for choice 2 for inserting the machining into assemblies, not having to know the level 2 drawing number for the casting.  also the design tables in my case might be easier having them seperate.


Are there any negatives to 2?  One thing is there isn't an automatic update.  to update the casting (while in the machining) you have to Edit feature, then reinsert the body.