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Re-positioning UV-curves

Question asked by 1-SOSNOE on Aug 6, 2010
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So I´m using the surface wizard, guided creation and I extract BSplines from the surface. I can choose to re-position certain UV-curves but not the externals ones. Why? My point is that in previous steps I took my time to cut out the unwanted areas (picture 1), yet when in the surface wizard I get an area that´s bigger again than my desired surface (picture 2).


Or did have I misinterpreted those steps? Didn´t I need to cut out so closely and exactly with the pencil-tool, selecting individual triangels? Would it have been sufficient to go roughly around the edges?


And when I´m finished, I get a surface like in picture 3. I can not draw on that surface and I don´t know how to cut out the unwanted areas . What do?


I hope I could explain my thoughts. If You didn´t understand I can try to upload more screenshots.