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Problem editing Design Table cells in Microsoft Excel 2007

Question asked by 1-ROOJQI on Aug 5, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2010 by Amirtharaj Vk

A design table (example in training manual) was created using the Auto-create option.  In the training manual it instructs me to change cell $STATE@Plank<1> to $STATE@Plank<*>

However, when I try and modify or even hit enter without modifying the cell it give me the following error.

      SolidWorks Error:  The value you have entered is invalid.  Please enter a valid value before continuing.


The problem seems to come from cells with @.  I ensured that hyperlinks were removed from the cell but this did not fix anything.

As suggested by Kyle in SW forum I ran:

close SW
run: start->All Programs->Microsoft Office->Microsoft Office Tools->Microsoft Office Diagnostics

This also didn’t work.

Is this an Excel 2007 problem or SW problem or user error?

Is there a work around?

PS:  I found the new user interface for Excel 2007 very annoying and recommend people stay with Excel 2003 if possible.