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    Roll back PDM rev

      Im a new admin to PDM Works... My problem is as follows.


      We are trying to keep revisions fixed currently exp ro1+ (working model)   however some people have not been following this and now i have lots or R02's and R03's  is there a way to force them back to R01?



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          Jeff Sweeney

          Is this an Enterprise or Workgroup question?

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            Erik Edel

            Very good question.  I'd love to know the answer to this too...  We run PDM here, but would like it to mirror our old revision system, where the rev. is locked until release.

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              Scott McFadden


              At my old job I was a PDM workgroups administrator.


              The version I last used was 2009.  I have my old manual in front of me from when I took the

              training course and it says:


              "When changes are minor, we may not want to bump the revision to the next increment.  PDMWorks provides

              two methods to accomplish this.


              Working Copy:  A working copy is designated by a suffix to the revision number.  For this course, a + (plus sign)

              is used to show working copies.


              Revision overwrite:   Overwriting the old revision number overwrites the file in the vault with the new information.

              Each new revision increment is kept as a seperate file in the vault.  Both of these two methods do not create a new copy, but instead

              overwrite the last instance of the file."


              I know from experience as an administrator you have the ability to first go into your admin tool which is different then the normal user

              icon and change your revision structure.  This structure is setup per your companies standards.

              You also have the ability to (in the vault) roll back files ONE revision.  Once you roll back that one revision I believe you can roll that back

              one revision as well.  The vault keep as many revisions as you have stored since its inspetion.  Understand that once you rollback the

              file, the data it was rolled back from is completely gone.  Now, what I was taught as well was to back up the vault on a monthly (or what ever you

              feel is necessary) basis.  Meaning in windows explorer physically copy the vault to a different location.

              If you understand the file structure of the vault that is another way you can get old revisions back.  If you don't, then I wouldn't recommend you

              going there.  It is complicated to a degree.


              Also I am assuming that you know when yiou check files into the vault you have the ability to manually overwrite the revision.

              Trust me when I tell you I totally get your frustration as an administrator trying to keep order amongst other users.

              I hope this helps.