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    KeyTech PLM and Arena PLM

    Daen Hendrickson

      We currently use PDMW Workgroup. Our inventory management is handled by a poorly conceived and written database. I have been looking at options for a "Better Way".


      We also own Sage MAS200 ERP software. For the most part it is collecting dust - only the time keeping and general ledger portions are being used. I am looking at using the BOM and Inventory modules and abandoning our in-house written database.


      But I will need a bridge between SolidWorks and the ERP. The KeyTech and Arena PLM packages look interesting from a demo. Not entirely comfortable with Arena being a "Cloud" product - but the price to get started is attractive. Keytech is apparently well thought of in Europe but not well known in the US. And its price is comparible to other PLM type products.


      We are a small shop - 5 seats of SolidWorks. However, we build to order very complex flight simulator systems. Each project can have thousands of part numbers and each product is a little different. Very much a job shop sort of production. Also, many of the parts are serialized and must be tracked once deployed... So that is the desire for the PLM / ERP.


      I would enjoy hearing from anyone that has adopted either of these products. What were your experiences with installation, upgrades, daily use, ease of use for non-CAD people, bugs, customization, amount of in-house support required (full time IT person or just a part time CAD manager) and any other likes or dislikes.





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          Andrew Schutte


          I know this is an old post, but if you are still looking for an ERP system that integrates very well with SOLIDWORKS and operates from a design and manufacturing standpoint, I may have a good solution for you.

          We developed COUNTERPART to do just that, and provide the best bi-directional SOLIDWORKS integration that I'm aware of on the market. COUNTERPART was also designed to support engineered to order type equipment design, so it sounds like it should fit your business model well.

          If you would like more information, feel free to contact me here, or directly via: