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Default Template Option missing for Drawings

Question asked by Ian Kinge on Aug 5, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2010 by Ian Kinge

Hi all,


I have recently installed the last of our licence seats on a new laptop and have a problem with the installation. We have three seats that are working properly, but this fourth seat will not show the option for setting the path for drawing templates. All the seats have been installed at various times from the same discs, the same way and updated from the same downloads. We are running 2009 Standard SP5.1.

On this fourth seat I have set the default file location for Document Templates to our Server share as per the other three under Tools\Options\File Locations\Document Templates. When I go to set the default paths under Tools\Options\Default Template, I only get option boxes for Parts and Assemblies, the Drawings option is not there. Have I missed a tick box or an option during the installation or is it something that can be corrected on the installed package? The last three I installed a good few months ago so I could have forgotten a step. I have tried uninstalling, cleaning the registry and reinstalling, but to no avail. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.