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Multi config weldments, come on SW get it sorted

Question asked by Darren Marchant on Aug 4, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2010 by Darren Marchant

Ive been looking through the forums to find a solution to the problem below.

We need to get an SPR out for this.


Heres my problem, any suggestions?


I have a weldment with 2 configurations.

This item is a stand. It requires some temporary modifications for the initial installation which will be deleted a short time later. These mods are additional legs, beam extensions, and gussets.

We are building 2 of these stands and will be able to reuse the majority of the temporary parts from the first on the installation of the second.


So I have an “as manufactured” config and an “as finished” config.


I want to show the quantities of each body in a cut list form (in 2 columns is ok) for these 2 configs on a single sheet, preferably in a single cutlist.

The differences are, some bodies are different lengths; some are present in only 1 config or are of different quantities in each.

This will enable a quick addition of the 2 quantity columns to come up with a quantity for the whole project.


Each cutlist item has a custom prop “item no.” this should remain consistent across configs

Can this be displayed in a weldment cut list by adding a 2nd quantity column tied to a different config, or do I need to use a multi level BOM?


Ive attached a couple of pics.


All help appreicated.