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WorkGroup PDM read/write issues SW2009-2010 SP4

Question asked by Joe Hasik on Aug 4, 2010

     Has anybody had an issue with Workgroup PDM "forgetting" write access to documents? We've been having issues for months where a document owned by somebody in the vault gets a read only flag the next time the user loads SolidWorks, say after a crash or at the start of the next day. We've even seen it just closing an assembly and then reopening it from a local directory. Better still, I've seen the issue on new parts that haven't been checked in yet. Reported this to my VAR months ago but, aside from their acknowledgement that, yes, is a problem, and, no, it doesn't appear to be setting related. I haven't seen anything suggesting that they escalated this to an SR or that it made it to an SPR. Just wondering if we were the only PDM users on the planet suffering from this.